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‘You’re The People That We Need’: Matt Walsh Calls On Doctors To Publicly Speak Out Against Dangerous Trans ‘Treatment’ For Kids

Last updated on August 19, 2022

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh on Thursday called for medical professionals to be public about their criticisms with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and general transgender so-called care that is irreversibly damaging children.

Walsh said on “The Matt Walsh Show” that he routinely hears from pediatricians and doctors who are against hormone blockers and the medical transitioning of children, but their anonymity is not helpful.

“It’s good, but it’s not nearly enough,” Walsh said. “And I understand [you’d] be putting your career on the line. That takes a lot of courage … but that is what’s required.”

“I know that there are some listening to me right now,” the “What is a Woman?” documentarian continued. “And what I want to say to you is that it is not good enough to be anonymous. You have a responsibility to speak up publicly and put your name on it.”

“And if you want to do that and you want a platform, if you’re ready and willing to come out publicly and speak out against this stuff — especially if you’re a member of the the American Academy of Pediatrics — and you’re ready to do the right thing with your name on it, then reach out to me,” Walsh offered. “I’ll make sure that your concerns are heard, because when you voice them anonymously on message boards and in comment sections and you send private emails to conservative podcasters, it doesn’t do anything.”

“You’re the first line of defense,” he asserted. “You’re the people that we need.”

The movement against this dangerous ideology, which has been put into medical practice, would “be a lot more powerful if doctors were speaking out,” Walsh emphasized.

“There should be press conferences with groups of pediatricians” calling out these dangers, he added. “And until that happens, things will not get any better.”

Walsh prefaced the segment by going over a report from the Daily Mail, which outlined leaked messages from whistleblowers within the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dissident members said the academy was “endorsing great harm” with medical transgender “treatment” that is backed by “scant and shoddy” evidence, adding that these trans-related drugs and hormones are “unsafe and unsustainable.”

“Before promulgating gender-affirming care, with all of its ethical implications (irreversible bodily changes, sterility, etc.) … don’t we want to be sure this is the best path?” one pediatrician questioned.

Another pediatrician highlighted the approximately 37,000 members of an online “de-transitioner” forum who have spoken out about their own transition regrets.

“What is most needed right now is better research to make sure we do the right thing for our patients,” the doctor said, not harassment of dissenters.

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