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WATCH: ‘You Sold Your Soul A Long Time Ago’: Convoy Trucker Blasts CBC Reporter After Being Questioned About Truckers’ Kids Safety

On Tuesday, an infuriated trucker who was confronted by a reporter from the Canadian-government-funded network CBC blasted the reporter, snapping, “All you care about is your paycheck. You sold your soul a long time ago,” after the reporter brought up a statement on Tuesday from the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa saying, “There have been ongoing reports to CASO regarding child welfare concerns amid the Ottawa protest.”

The Children’s Aid Society wrote on a page on its website titled, “Statement on concerns amid Ottawa protest”:

CASO has a duty to investigate whenever there are allegations of abuse that suggest a child may be in need of protection. Families are supported to ensure the child’s protection and other basic needs are met.

There have been ongoing reports to CASO regarding child welfare concerns amid the Ottawa protest. CASO continues to play its role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children in the community, while collaborating very closely with the Ottawa Police Service, especially in matters that involve a child who is located in the protest area.

“Last year, the CBC got $1.4 billion in government funding, according to the CBC’s annual report,” The National Post noted in January.

The CBC reporter asked the trucker, “Did you hear the statement I was just reading?”

“You’re saying that my teenagers are threatened for being in Ottawa?” the trucker fired back. “Is that what you’re telling me? Answer my question.”

“You heard the statement —” the reporter repeated.

“We’ve all answered questions,” the trucker replied. “You answer mine. Are my children in danger —”

“I don’t work for the Children’s Aid Society,” the reporter stated.

“Are my children in danger from being in Ottawa?” the trucker fired again.

“Well, it sounds — my understanding of the Children’s Aid Society, they —” the reporter said.

“Are my children in danger for being in Ottawa right now?” the trucker persisted. “Tell me yes or no.”

“What do you mean by danger?” the reporter answered.

“You tell me,” the trucker insisted. “You’re coming here trying to say that children are in danger.”

“The fact that the Children’s Aid Society is getting involved —” the reporter pontificated.

The trucker then slammed the reporter: “You got the inside scoop because you guys are the messenger for the devil. You tell me right now:  Are my kids in danger for being here? Should I sent them on the first train out of town? Tell me now.”

“It sounds like the Children’s Aid society is saying —” the reporter sidestepped.

“So you’re saying that my kids are gonna get hurt,” the trucker said bluntly.

“I’m not saying anything,” the reporter weakly protested. “All I’m saying is that they put out the statement and I’m looking for your reaction.”

“So you’re telling me now that I should be getting my kids out of town because they’re gonna get hurt,” the trucker reiterated.

“I’m not telling you anything,” the reporter repeated.

“The police are gonna come in here and do what to my kids?…You don’t give a s*** about nobody. All you care about is your paycheck,” the trucker blasted. “You sold your soul a long time ago. [pointing off camera] You sold your soul a long time ago and you sold your soul a long time ago. You work for the devil. That’s who you work for. That’s who you work for. That’s your boss.”

“I’m here to talk about this statement,” the reporter repeated.

“I’m telling you: Are my kids in danger in this city right now?” the trucker asked again.

“I don’t know the future,” the reporter responded, “All I can tell you is —”

“Then why are you coming here and trying to act like you’re concerned about kids,” the trucker snapped. “I have two teenagers that are in my car. Are they in danger? Yes or no? Yes or no?”

“I don’t know what the future brings,” the reporter repeated.

“Go f** yourself then,” the trucker asserted, then walked away.

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