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VIDEO: Wendy’s Employee Knocks Out Elderly Customer With Sucker Punch

Surveillance video from a Wendy’s in Prescott Valley, Arizona, shows an employee viciously sucker-punching an elderly customer, knocking him unconscious.

The 67-year-old customer from Dewey, Arizona, was airlifted to a local hospital where he was reported in critical condition.

“Oh, wow that was a pretty hard hit — that was a Mike Tyson hit,” one customer told CBS5, adding, “The customer didn’t touch him, so he had no right to touch the customer, period, end of story. I just think that’s horrible and wish it didn’t happen. It puts a bad light on our entire society.”

The video showed the customer, who had apparently ordered three drinks, hunched over at the counter on July 26, licking a Frosty. According to police, he complained about his order, “at which time an employee came out from behind the service counter and struck the customer in the head.”

Police identified the employee as Antoine Kendrick, 35, adding that he was arrested and booked on the charge of aggravated assault.

Kendrick looked at the customer lying on the ground, walked behind the counter, took some of his belongings, and left, CBS 5 noted. Police did not offer any details as to what had been said between the two men before the attack.

According to The Blaze, Kendrick was charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault as well as with resisting arrest in 2013 and charged with aggravated criminal trespass, aggravated assault, and evading arrest in 2016 before being charged with harassment and again with aggravated assault in 2019.

Another customer who said he had lived in the area for decades opined, “It’s mellow up here, you don’t have that kind of stuff. It’s a shame. I feel for the guy that got hit. It’s not right.”

Wendy’s has been hit hard by the Biden inflationary spiral; on Wednesday reports showed that Wendy’s Co fell short of estimates from Wall Street for quarterly U.S. same-store sales growth.

“Lower-income households are avoiding discretionary purchases and cooking more at home as prices of everyday essentials surge, which has affected Wendy’s that was already grappling with rivals McDonald’s Corp, KFC and Burger King,” Reuters reported.

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