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‘This S*** Needs To Stop’: ‘The Boys’ Actress Karen Fukuhara Says She Was Assaulted In Alleged Asian Hate Crime Attack

“The Boys” actress Karen Fukuhara made a statement against anti-Asian violence while telling her fans about what she suggested was a personal and racially motivated attack. The 30-year-old California native recalled a situation in which, she says, a random person struck her in the head then just kept walking. 

“Today I was struck in the head by a man,” she wrote on the Instagram post, assuring followers that she was “physically fine” following the incident. “This s*** needs to stop. Us women, Asians and the elderly need your help.”

She included the hashtag “Stop Asian Hate” with the post, proving she believed the attack to be related to her being Asian. The “Suicide Squad” alum did not elaborate on where the incident took place.

“I rarely share about my private life but something happened today that I thought was important,” Fukuhara wrote. “I was walking to a cafe for some coffee and a man struck me in the back of my head. It came out of nowhere. We made no eye contact before, I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. It came to my surprise and my hat flew off. By the time I looked back, he was a few feet away from me (he must have kept walking after hitting me).”

Fukuhara explained how she thought about “confronting” her attacker but realized it “wasn’t worth the risk.” She recalled, “After a few seconds of staring at each other, and him yelling at me, he eventually walked away.”

“I write this, because I’ve had conversations with multi-racial friends of mine that had no idea these hate crimes happen to everyday, regular people — people that they share meals with,” she went on. “I felt it was important to raise awareness.”

The Los Angeles native revealed that this incident has led her to think about taking self-defense classes after the “shock” of the attack. She also expressed relief that her attacker didn’t have a weapon on him.

“Why is this something we as ‘victims’ have to think about?” Fukuhara wondered. “What satisfaction are these perpetrators getting from hitting women, Asians, the elderly? They need to be held accountable. What can we do as a community to prevent these horrible crimes?”

The comments on the Instagram post were flooded with support from fans, including some of the star’s co-stars from “The Boys.” 

“F this person!! Hope you’re ok this is awful,” actor Chace Crawford wrote.

“Karen thank you for sharing your experience,” Jack Quaid said. “I’m sorry that happened to you. Love you. Here if you need anything.”

Laz Alonso wrote, “This pisses me off. Wish I was there….”

Fellow Asian American actress Olivia Munn, who has also been vocal about Asian hate crime awareness, also shared her support for Fukuhara. “I’m so grateful you’re safe,” she commented.

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