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‘The Hyperions’ Is A Genre-Defying, Nostalgic Dose Of Fun With Heart, Reviewer Says

There was no way “The Hyperions” was going to compete with big-budget blockbusters being peddled by Marvel, so they didn’t try. This quirky superhero movie takes a different approach by replacing massive explosions and ultra-choreographed fight scenes with deep dives into character development. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these characters as they’re making you laugh and smile in recognition.

An early review of The Daily Wire’s latest entertainment offering proves that not all movies need splashy CGI to be compelling. Bounding Into Comics reviewer Slade Hale discussed how the satirical superhero flick manages to recall everything fans used to love about superhero movies with zero hidden political agenda. “The Hyperions” is enjoyable because it’s not trying too hard to be something it’s not. 

“‘The Hyperions’ boasts some of the best cinematography and pacing in recent memory,” Hale writes, noting the film’s obsessive attention to detail and making the 1970s nostalgia feel realistic. Again, there won’t be any insane special effects, but instead there is beauty in the subtlety. Director Jon McDonald instead highlights character motivations and lets the actors’ abilities shine through.

That cast includes Cary Elwes (“The Princess Bride”) starring as Professor Mandulbaum with a “spot-on British accent.” Hale says, “Elwes not only cranks out a dynamite performance, but he ends up stealing every single scene he’s in.”

Besides Elwes, the all star cast includes Penelope Mitchell (“Hellboy”), Tanner Buchanan (“Cobra Kai”), Elaine Tan (“Tully”), and Alphonso McAuley (“Walk of Shame”). Each offers a unique element that contributes to the overall narrative, which focuses on the permanence of family bonds. 

The reviewer says the film “shines” because of how no one is the main character. Instead, each perspective combines to form a nuanced tidbit of the overall story. 

“No single character in the film is considered the lead. Instead, each one acts as a cog in a giant wheel that spins the story around through a number of different perspectives. The key theme of the film is the importance of family, no matter how imperfect that dynamic might be,” Hale writes.

“The Hyperions” is completely different from Daily Wire Entertainment’s most recent thriller, “Shut In,” and both of those are nothing like the first film released, “Run Hide Fight.” Different still is the highly anticipated Western drama “Terror on the Prairie” starring Gina Carano, which will debut this summer.

However, each project shares the quality of good old-fashioned entertainment with themes that resonate and are free from propaganda. “Hyperions” is a little bit wistful, quite funny, and ultimately uplifting. The 1970s imagery only helps reinforce this feeling of the good old days. Movies that delight and entertain; who knew such a simple concept would become revolutionary?

“The Hyperions” will premiere for everyone to enjoy on Thursday, March 10, 2022, at 8:30 p.m. ET on The Daily Wire YouTube channel. After the premiere, it will be available exclusively for Daily Wire members to stream on

The Daily Wire’s first original film, Shut In, has made its cinematic debut, being met with rave reviews. The Daily Wire is building an alternative to the leftist entertainment industry, one gripping movie at a time. Join us in this mission and stream Shut In today by becoming a Daily Wire member.

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