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STAR Power: Matt Walsh To Be Targeted By ‘Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries’ At Upcoming Campus Talk

“Shoot for the moon — even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars,” every teenage girl’s tumblr once said in the first 15 years of the 21st century, but it seems like that could also be the animating quote behind the latest group to announce its attempt to shutdown The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh speaking tour as part of the Young America’s Foundation conservative line-up.

According to a document obtained by YAF, a group of transgender activists are aiming to blast a manifesto from “Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries” (STAR) over the loudspeakers at Walsh’s upcoming appearance Tuesday night Texas A&M University (TAMU). The document encourages the activists to dress in “cisgender clothing” and to wear a COVID-19 mask to shield their faces. It’s a lofty goal for the progressive students, but Walsh pointed out that he hoped they wouldn’t go through with the ambush because it would only bring him more publicity — anything but that!

“Trans activists are planning to disrupt my event at Texas A&M on Wednesday. I have a copy of their plan which they decided to write down in detail. I just really hope they don’t go through with this and call more attention to me and give me more publicity. That would be terrible!” the best-selling LGBT children’s author sarcastically tweeted.

If the group cannot get more than 35 people to commit to their daring protest, they will disband the whole project completely, according to the document. However, should they get enough people to waste their time on Tuesday night, the plan will work as follows, YAF’s website reported:

According to the internal document, leftists plan to start their protest 10-20 minutes into the lecture, “enough time for any overflow crowd outside the room to disperse so that they cannot take our place when we leave.” They encourage protestors to wear business casual clothing, “in addition to dressing cisgender and heterosexual-passing.” The document did not clarify what “dressing cisgender” means.

“If you are questioned or draw attention due to your voice, appearance, or gender presentation, explain that you are attending the talk to earn credit for a political science or philosophy class,” the document states.

“Once the recording plays, if you are not already wearing a COVID mask, please put one on so that your face is unrecognizable. Stand up and raise your left fist..” before beginning the chants, the document reads.

Once everything is settled and they finally have tricked event organizers into thinking they’re just their to hear Walsh speak, they will blast the STAR manifesto on the loudspeakers.

It is unclear how they will commandeer the loudspeakers, but if they do this is what the audience will hear as the manifesto plays, according to Peace and Socialism Tumblr:

The oppression against Transvestites of either sex arises from sexist values and this oppression is manifested by heterosexuals and homosexuals of both sexes in the form of exploitation, ridicule, harrassment, beatings, rapes, murders.

Because of this oppression the majority of transvestites are forced into the street and we have formed a strong alliance with our gay sisters and brothers of the street. Who we are a part of and represent we are; a part of the REVOLUTIONARIES armies fighting against the system.

1. We want the right to self-determination over the use of our bodies; the right to be gay, anytime, anyplace; the right to free physiological change and modification of sex on demand; the right to free dress and adornment.

2. The end to all job discrimination against transvestites of both sexes and gay street people because of attire.

3. The immediate end of all police harrassment and arrest of transvestites and gay street people, and the release of transvestites and gay street people from all prisons and all other political prisoners.

4. The end to all exploitive practices of doctors and psychiatrists who work in the field of transvestism.

5. Transvestites who live as members of the opposite gender should be able to obtain identification of the opposite gender.

6. Transvestites and gay street people and all oppressed people should have free education, health care, clothing, food, transportation, and housing.

7. Transvestites and gay street people should be granted full and equal rights on all levels of society, and full voice in the struggle for liberation of all oppressed people.

8. An end to exploitation and discrimination against transvestites within the homosexual world.

9. We want a revolutionary peoples’ government, where transvestites, street people, women, homosexuals, puerto ricans, indians, and all oppressed people are free, and not fucked over by this government who treat us like the scum of the earth and kills us off like flies, one by one, and throws us into jail to rot. This government who spends millions of dollars to go to the moon, and lets the poor Americans starve to death.


In response to the protest, TAMU YAF Chairman Caleb Haisler said, “Free speech is one of the core tenants of our nation, and at TAMU YAF, we advocate for everyone’s right to exercise it.”

“We also believe in civil discourse and invite those who disagree with us or our speakers to make their opinions known, but we want them to do it respectfully,” he added. “Attempting to disrupt our event is not professional or respectful, and it does not display the tolerance these liberals claim to champion.”

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