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McCarthy Announces Recent Additions To GOP ‘Young Guns’ Program

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced the most recent Republican candidates who are participating in the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Young Guns” program.

The Hill reported:

The second round of candidates in the program include Tom Barrett in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District, Scott Baugh in California’s 47th Congressional District, Juan Ciscomani in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District, John James in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District, Jen Kiggans in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, Tyler Kistner in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, Lisa Scheller in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District and Alek Skarlatos in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District.

In a statement on Wednesday, McCarthy said, “The newest candidates to the list show how we plan to take back the House by holding their Democrat opponents accountable for the disastrous policies we have seen from the One Party Democrat Rule of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.”

The qualification specifications for the program reportedly include candidates accomplishing specific fundraising, communication, and messaging.

As the midterm elections draw near, House Republicans are getting ready to go on the offensive and win back seats in the House of Representatives, especially as many Democratic policies continue to decline in popularity.

The Hill reported that Republicans are hoping to switch at least five seats from Democrat to Republican in order to get back the majority in the House, a feat that would drastically change the policies coming out of Washington, D.C., for Americans all across the nation.

House Democrats, however, are not backing down without a solid effort on their end to hold onto their majority position.

Last week, as The Hill reported, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) announced updates to its own strategy for the midterm elections.

“The committee said it’s adding 12 challengers to its ‘Red to Blue’ program, many of which are in districts that became more favorable to Democrats after the decennial redistricting process,” the outlet noted.

“Our candidates and members are veterans, teachers, doctors, and public servants who know the struggles of working families, are committed to service, and are building the kinds of campaigns that will send Democrats back to Washington with the majority needed to deliver for the people,” DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) said in a statement.

The Hill reported:

The program’s candidate additions include Rudy Salas in California’s 22nd congressional district, Jay Chen in California’s 45th congressional district, Brittany Pettersen in Colorado’s 7th congressional district, Christina Bohannan in Iowa’s first congressional district, Liz Mathis in Iowa’s second congressional district, Nikki Budzinski in Illinois’ 13th congressional district, Hillary Scholten in Michigan’s 13th congressional district,  Gabe Vasquez in New Mexico’s second congressional district, Jackie Gordon in New York’s first congressional district, Max Rose in New York’s eleventh congressional district, Greg Landsman in Ohio’s first congressional district, and Emilia Sykes in Ohio’s 13th congressional district.

National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC) spokesman Mike Berg told The Hill in a statement, “Not a single one of the DCCC’s Red to Blue candidates defeated a GOP incumbent last cycle because they ran on a socialist agenda that includes defunding police, inflationary spending, and open borders. Nothing has changed this cycle.”

As The Daily Wire reported last week, a new poll by The Wall Street Journal found that Democrats and President Joe Biden are losing popularity on many topics voters care most about.

Democrats showed a slight dip in approval on some key points. “A 16-percentage-point Democratic edge on which party would best handle the pandemic was down to 11 points, while a 9-percentage-point lead on education issues was down to 5 points,” The Journal noted.

On the question of which party could best safeguard middle-class families, the parties were essentially tied. The Democrats had a 5-point lead on that question four months ago.

Respondents also provided Democrats with low scores for how they are dealing with inflation and the economy, “which 50% cited as the top issue they want the federal government to address,” per the outlet. The conflict in Ukraine was reportedly the second leading issue, with 25% of voters noting it was the most important.

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