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‘Mazel Tov!’: Ben Shapiro Reacts As Couple Gets Engaged At Daily Wire Backstage Event

Last updated on June 30, 2022

The Daily Wire Backstage event on Wednesday evening kicked off with a bang — backstage, naturally — when a gentleman named Sergio proposed to his girlfriend Kayla, literally at the feet of Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro.

Co-CEO and [lower-case] god-king Jeremy Boreing called the couple out just before the show went to intermission, beginning with a comment about how much he loved to hear babies cry at serious events like funerals or weddings.

Acknowledging that the parents of the crying baby often felt embarrassed, Boreing explained that what he loved about it was the very real example of life going on even in the face of serious situations.

Boreing then shared video of the moment with the entire audience and asking the “Sergio and Kayla” to stand up so everyone could applaud them — and admonished the two to keep their hands to themselves, joking, “We want to see your hands. We want to see enough room for the Holy Spirit.”

He warned them to keep their hands to themselves until the wedding day, after which he encouraged them to “get busy making” as many little Sergios and little Kaylas as they liked.

Shapiro then joked that he was the perfect person to witness such a proposal, sarcastically claiming that was mainly because of his reputation as an overly emotional person.

“I’m known for my emotions,” he said. And then borrowing a line from Dr. Suess’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” he added, “My heart grew three sizes that day … Congratulations. Mazel tov.”

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