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Kimmel Mocks Nelk Boys After Trump Interview: ‘Small Group of YouTubers.’ Nelk Boys Fire Back, ‘Pack It in And Let The Big Dogs Takeover Pal’

After former President Trump was interviewed by the Nelk Boys, a Canadian comedy group, ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked Trump and the group, calling Trump “Mar-A-Lardo” and referring to the Nelk Boys, who have over seven million subscribers on YouTube, as “a small group of YouTubers.”

That prompted Kyle Forgeard of the Nelk Boys to fire back on Instagram, “This small group of youtubers” has way more viewers than you buddy. Kimmel used to be way funnier but now is just washed up and irrelevant. Only reason you even get any views is cause Disney owns your show so youtube forces it onto everyones home pages. Late night is where comedians go to die. Pack it in and let the big dogs takeover pal.”

Kimmel had taunted, “Mar-A-Lardo has been making the rounds. He was on a podcast hosted by — this is really something —a small group of YouTubers known as the Nelk Boys. These guys, they show up at Mar-A-Lago in sweatshirts and shorts and logos all over their clothes, Trump sits down for an hour with them, during a war, to answer the dopiest questions. One of the great things about Trump is that it doesn’t matter who’s interviewing him; it could be George Stephanopoulos or three doofuses who brought a twelve-pack of hard seltzer along with them, he’s gonna answer the same way.”

The YouTube interview Kimmel referred to was on the “Full Send” podcast, which  is hosted by Bob Menery, Kyle Foregeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Salim Sirur, Steve Deleonardis, and several other members of “The Nelk Boys.”

The episode was removed by YouTube Thursday night after it garnered over five million views in under 24 hours because the video violated YouTube’s “Terms of Service.”

The Daily Wire reported:

The “Full Send” podcast shared a message from YouTube regarding why the platform removed the video. “Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election is not allowed on YouTube,” the statement reads in part.

During the podcast that aired on Wednesday, Trump correctly predicted that if the hosts released the entire 50 minute episode uncut on social media, then sites like YouTube would censor the episode and the podcast would face backlash.

At the behest of his friend and Ultimate Fighting Championship founder, Dana White, Trump sat down with the squad from the “Full Send” for an in-depth interview on everything from the oil crisis to the Joe Rogan controversy and everything in between. Menery, Sebastiani, Sirur, and Deleonardis joined the former president at his famed Mar-a-Lago resort for a pre-taped interview.

Kimmel’s contempt for Trump has extended to his supporters; in August 2019, he went on a rant in which he referred to Trump supporters as people who have been “repeatedly punched in the head.” He taunted Trump for tweeting a shout-out to MMA fighter Colby Covington, then continued, “Like many Americans who have been repeatedly punched in the head, Colby Covington is a big Donald Trump supporter.”

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