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Kanye West’s New Flame Julia Fox Discusses Working In ‘Sex Dungeons,’ Exploring Boundaries: ‘Everyone Is A Freak And We Know It’

Kanye West’s new girlfriend Julia Fox has some unique perspectives on sex and relationships. The 32-year-old model actress recently went on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast to share her life history and how it relates to her current situation with the “Donda” rapper.

Fox discussed some of her past employment, including working as a dominatrix at a sex dungeon where she witnessed some nontypical sexual behavior. This experience shaped her attitude about sex, Page Six reported.

“Through doing this, just for money, I ended up learning about my own sexuality, which I’d never really had a chance to explore because my sexuality was always being used against me,” Fox said during the podcast interview. “My sexuality was something to be guarded and protected and not something to be explored.”

She said, “everyone is a freak and we know it, so it’s like I won’t judge you and you won’t judge me.”

The “Uncut Gems” alum went into graphic detail about her time working in the sex dungeon while explaining that she never actually had sex with any customers. But Fox did say the job led to self-discovery.

“I was also able to explore my own because there’d be times in a session where I’d be like, ‘Damn, this is horny as f***. This is hot,’” she said while explaining how her porn viewing habits have become very specific since working there. 

“I’m into weirdly, like, partner swapping and then watching, more [foursomes] vibes,” she continued. “I’ve never done it. In my other relationships, I feel like I’ve always been so jealous and so possessive in my relationships. I don’t want to be like that in the future.”

It’s interesting that Fox described herself as a possessive partner considering that she and West are supposedly in an “open relationship.”

Page Six reported on the news after speaking with a source close to Fox.

“Their bond transcends typical norms because they’re evolved beings who just want each other to be happy,” the insider shared. “There is no jealousy or bad vibes.”

This detail came out after Ye was spotted partying with a Kim Kardashian lookalike and Instagram model named Chaney Jones earlier this month. The source also said Fox is speaking with other men and that her relationship with West is not exclusive. 

Meanwhile, Ye continues his public battle with his ex, Kardashian, especially as the pair try to navigate co-parenting amid divorce proceedings. The “Donda” rapper deleted public social media posts related to their 8-year-old daughter North West having a TikTok account without his permission. 

“Since this is my first divorce I need to know what I should do about my daughter being put on TikTok against my will,” West wrote in the now-deleted post.

Several celebrities including the Daily Wire’s Candace Owens came to Ye’s defense, saying social media was toxic for children. 

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