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‘I’m Just A Human’: ‘Naked And Afraid’ Features Transgender Survivalist

The stakes are a little higher on “Naked and Afraid” for the first ever biological male contestant who identifies as a trans woman. Terra, a Florida resident and United States Air Force veteran, was nervous about getting naked in front of fellow contestant Shaun, the New York Post reported

“Things on the outside aren’t what they are supposed to be at this point in my transgender transition,” Terra explained during the episode. “I do have breasts, and I do have the male genitalia still.”

“When it comes to my partner, they’re either gonna accept everything or they’re gonna go off the deep end, and we’re gonna see some bad s***,” the Floridian worried before meeting the other contestant. 

However, Terra had nothing to worry about as Shaun, who hailed from South Africa, didn’t mind Terra’s appearance in the least. 

“Yeah, you’re unique,” he said after seeing Terra completely naked at first. “It is a bit of a shock to me, but we’re all unique and special.”

He continued, “I’m open-minded, and we’re going to do this together. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”

Terra replied with a very relieved, “I appreciate that. And I’ve got your back, too. Hearing that is a big thing to me,” the Florida resident continued. “We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna be OK.” The pair of survivalists shared a hug before embarking on their quest to survive.

The premise of “Naked and Afraid” is two people, usually one man and one woman, get dropped in the wilderness with no food, water, supplies, or clothing. The pair must make shelter, start a fire, find food, and survive the elements for 21 days all without wearing any clothes. This latest episode which aired Sunday was set in Zambia, Africa.

Ultimately, Shaun had to be evacuated after suffering a concussion three days into filming. Terra survived for all 21 days but did suffer a lacerated nipple. The Air Force veteran was very used to using survivalist skills as an avid bow hunter. This made Terra “absolutely prepared” to take on the challenge. 

“People like me don’t get chosen for things like this,” Terra said. The contestant “always felt female” growing up but didn’t “transition” until later in life. 

“I’m not a gender, I’m not a label, I’m just a human,” Terra said at the end of the episode. “It’s empowering. I’m going through my own transitional journey. And I know now that if I just stick with it, there’s nothing I cannot do in this world.”

Terra is not the first trans person to appear on “Naked and Afraid,” the Post reported. Quince Mountain is a biological woman who identifies as a trans man and appeared on an episode during Season 10 of the series.

Quince, an Illinois resident, got dropped off in the Honduran jungle with Florida police officer Teresa Owens. Both those contestants made it for the 21 days as well.

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