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Fresh Off Disaster At U.S. Border, Kamala Harris Tapped For Special Role With Ukraine

In 2021, President Joe Biden placed Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of securing the southern border. Perhaps not surprisingly she completely failed. The U.S. had one of its worst years ever in terms of illegal aliens flooding over the border. She long promised to get to the “root causes” of illegal immigration, but it seems that search will have to pause for now. Harris has been tasked with bolstering support for Ukraine in Europe amongst American allies and will be heading to Munich this month for an international conference, the U.S. State Department announced this week.

“Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Munich, Germany to attend the February 18-20 Munich Security Conference,” the state department said in a press release Thursday morning.

“Building on the Biden-Harris Administration’s intensive engagement with European allies and partners, the Vice President’s engagements in Munich will demonstrate our ironclad commitment to our NATO Allies, reaffirm our shared interest in upholding the principles that have underpinned European peace and security since World War II, and underscore our commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh added.

The decision comes just days after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told media that the Biden administration’s prepared for whatever Russian President Vladimir Putin does next, The Daily Wire reported:

“We’re pursuing a two-track approach, which includes deterrence and diplomacy,” Psaki said when asked about communications from the White House regarding the situation in Europe. “We’re ready either way for whatever decision President Putin might make.” 

“Being prepared is exactly what we can do from the U.S. government, in coordination and in partnership with our NATO allies, our partners in Eastern Europe, and of course, the Ukrainians,” she added. “So we don’t actually see it as a conflict.”

While some may see the decision to send Harris to Munich as a vote of confidence in the vice president, others might see it as a warning that Ukraine is teetering on being a total disaster. Last November, aides complained to CNN that the Biden team was always setting up the veep for failure. The network reported:

Top aides say privately they have come to regret that Harris didn’t ask for more well-defined assignments coming into the administration, which would have allowed her to distinguish herself, but the vice president herself has been reluctant to make demands for any at this point, feeling that would look disloyal to Biden.

“They’re consistently sending her out there on losing issues in the wrong situations for her skill set,” said a former high-level Harris aide.

For example, Harris has previously said one of her assignments at the southern border was far more complicated than the American people understood, which is why she failed.

“We can’t just flip a switch and make it better,” Harris once told ABC News. “The reality is that we inherited an immigration system that was deeply broken. On the root causes piece, what we’re looking at is, frankly, people don’t want to leave home. And when they do, it’s because of two reasons. Either they’re fleeing some kind of harm, or to stay at home, they simply cannot satisfy the needs of their families.”

When asked why she had not yet been to the southern, Harris defended her lack of visit by sarcastically saying, “And I haven’t been to Europe” in response to her haters. She ended up visiting the border, but it didn’t solve anything.

The U.S. made nearly 2 million border arrests last year — and that number excludes those migrants who went undetected. But, the good news for Harris is that thanks to upcoming trip to Munich, it seems like the veep will be able to cross her European trip off her bucket list. Hopefully, she has better results than her last big project.

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