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‘Dial NHS 1-1-1’: Ukrainian Ambassador To The UN Tells Russian Diplomats To Seek ‘Mental Help’

Last updated on March 8, 2022

Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Nations, called on the Russian diplomats currently stationed in London to seek mental help during a Monday speech at the UN’s headquarters.

Kyslytsya held up a printout of a tweet that was posted on Monday by the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom, reading it aloud.

FM #Lavrov: The goal of Russia’s special military operation is to stop any war that could take place on Ukrainian territory or that could start from there,” the tweet read.

Kyslytsya then suggested that anyone who believed the claims coming from Russia that alleged the occupation forces were there to either prevent violent conflict or to liberate the Ukrainian people must be in need of mental help.

“Let me remind the Russian diplomats that in London, in case of need for mental help, you can dial NHS line 1-1-1,” Kyslytsya said.


Kyslytsya noted that a colleague had said the United Nations looked a bit like group therapy, adding that he agreed with that assessment.

“One of my colleagues, after the last security council session, said, you know, the colleague said it looks like group therapy. We’re all here trying to bring to sanity one member,” he said. “And indeed when I listen to this member, to this representative from that country, I think it’s absolutely right that the department of health of the city of New York is called the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.”

“Because it is very difficult after these meetings where we listen to the persistent lies and delusion, delirium coming from that particular country,” Kyslytsya continued. I think that it’s not only the Russian diplomats in New York who need mental assistance, but also those who posted today this text.”

He held up the printed tweet with the quote from Russian Foreign Minister Sergiy Lavrov and read it aloud, noting that the tweet had been posted by the Russian Embassy in London.

“Let me remind Russian diplomats that in London in case of need for mental help you can dial NHS line 1-1-1,” Kyslytsya concluded.

You can watch Kyslytsya’s remarks below:

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos interviewed Foreign Minister Lavrov several days earlier, and he made similar claims with regard to the reason Russian forces were in Ukraine.

As The Daily Wire reported:

Lavrov denied outright that there were any Russian troops in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv — which has been under attack for several days.

As Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin tweeted, “Sergei Lavrov with a straight face: ‘in Kharkiv there are no Russian troops….You like the word murderer. Kyiv regime, those are real murderers. Zelensky, yes, he is a Nazi and a neo Nazi because he’s on their side.’ Orwell weeps.”

Ukrainian Member of Parliament Lesia Vasylenko tweeted a photo of the carnage in Kharkiv after days of Russian rocket attacks, adding, “#Kharkiv will never forget #Ukraine will never forgive. The scale of destruction grows every day. The amount of reparations to be paid by #Russia — unimaginable. #StandwithUkraine.”

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