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Ukraine accuses Russia of using chemical weapons against military, civilians in Mariupol

Ukraine has accused Russia of using chemical weapons on the port city of Mariupol. A unit of the National Guard of Ukraine claimed Monday that the chemicals were dropped through an unmanned aerial vehicle on civilians in the city. Officials claimed victims are having respiratory failure.

Zelensky to Russia: You will be prosecuted for war crimes in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Russian leaders they will face trial for their invasion. During a video address on Thursday, he said the invasion of Ukraine will backfire and Russian leaders will be prosecuted for their "complicity in war crimes."

11 UN members condemn North Korea’s missile tests

Several countries are calling North Korea out for its surge in missile tests this year. At the United Nations on Monday, U.S. ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield read a joint statement from 11 countries condemning North Korea's posturing. Thomas-Greenfield also criticized the UN Security Council for failing to hold the Kim Jong-un regime accountable.

UN to hold emergency special session of General Assembly to address Russian invasion of Ukraine

The United Nations Security Council voted to send the Ukraine crisis to their general assembly for a special emergency session due to a permanent member deadlock in the council. One America's Angela Kurysh has the latest.