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VP Harris touts claims of 0% inflation in July despite CPI data showing inflation dropped to 8.5%

Vice President Kamala Harris continued to downplay the current state of the economy while she was speaking at a steelworkers union event in Las Vegas on Wednesday. There, Harris touted the White House's claims of zero-percent inflation in July.

Poll: 56% of Americans say personal finances worse under Biden

A rising number of Americans are saying their personal finances are getting worse under the current administration. A new Harvard-Harris poll found a majority of 56 percent of Americans said their financial situation has worsened amid President Joe Biden's policies.

Bill Gates endorses Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act

Billionaire Bill Gates is actively promoting the new Democrat-proposed spending bill due to its "climate change" provisions. In an op-ed for the New York Times, Gates claimed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act could be the most important piece of "climate legislation" in American history.