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Americans and guns: A look at the Supreme Court’s recent ruling and national surveys

On Thursday, the Supreme Court said that Americans have a right to carry firearms in public for self-defense, and on Friday the House sent President Joe Biden the first gun violence bill Congress has passed in decades.

6 major cities note violent crime increases from record 2021 levels

Six major US cities are set to surpass the record violent crime rates they set in 2021. According to crime data, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta and New York City are all on pace to supersede their levels of violent crime last year.

Proposed Senate gun bill expands background checks, mental health & school safety programs

The Senate advanced an 80 page gun bill, shortly after its text was released. On Tuesday, 14 Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), joined Democrats to push the bill to debate in a 64-to-34 vote.

Teen killed, 3 others injured in D.C. during shooting at ‘Moechella’ music event

A 15-year-old is dead and several others are injured, including a police officer following a shooting at a music festival. The incident happened in D.C. Sunday, during a music festival called "Moechella" celebrating Juneteenth with hundreds in attendance.