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House sends Biden massive tax, climate and health care bill to sign

House Democrats delivered the final votes needed to send President Joe Biden a slimmed-down version of his tax, climate and drug price agenda, overcoming a year of infighting and giving themselves a cornerstone achievement to campaign on for the November congressional election.

Renters are largely left out of the eco-home movement, but solutions exist

Renters have largely been left out of the equation when it comes to programs aimed at making homes more climate friendly, sparking environmental justice concerns. Here's a look at what renters can do, and how new funding can help close the gaps.

Bill Gates endorses Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act

Billionaire Bill Gates is actively promoting the new Democrat-proposed spending bill due to its "climate change" provisions. In an op-ed for the New York Times, Gates claimed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act could be the most important piece of "climate legislation" in American history.

VP Harris touts $1B in so-called climate crisis aid

The White House has continued its climate crusade by pumping millions into grant programs. While speaking at Florida International University in Miami on Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris pledged grants worth $1 billion to go towards addressing extreme weather events that she attributes are due to climate change. The Biden administration will be dispersing these funds to 343 towns and cities nationwide. The funds are intended to address a variety of natural disasters and may be used at the discretion of local jurisdictions.