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House GOP criticizes Democrat’s failed policies nationwide

House Republicans held a press conference where they slammed the Democrats failing policies. GOP members claimed that those policies hurt the nation. At the press conference they also discussed the Democrats failed leadership and how it has resulted in making Americans ''less safe.” When speaking to reporters on Wednesday, New York Representative Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) slammed the uptick in violent crime that the Big Apple State has experienced under Democrat leadership. She asserted that the Democrats were aware of their political shortcomings but they double-down on failing policies.

Gen. Flynn working to unite Christians & Conservatives

Former National Security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn is ramping up opposition to the Democrat agenda as part of his ReAwaken American Tour. A new report by the Associated Press found Flynn is building a new movement that will unite Christians and Conservatives in their fight against globalism and far-left ideas.

New York City Mayor makes endorsements ahead of primary day

New Yorkers are heading to the polls to vote in the state's second round of primary elections, with several key congressional races on the ballot and as far as endorsements go, the approval of one in particular is standing out.  New York Mayor Eric Adams has favored a few candidates.