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CDC director says agency will update mask guidelines ‘based on the data and the science’

The Center for Disease Control claims any COVID-19 guideline chances will be based on science and data. On Wednesday, the director of the national public health agency, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, said the CDC is considering a change to its mask guidance in the coming weeks. She citied a recent decline in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

Canadian Prime Minister invokes act to freeze Freedom Convoy funding, use military force

The Canadian government gave itself the power to jeopardize the finances and livelihoods of anti-mandate demonstrators. On Tuesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in his country's history. The measure allows him to seize protesters personal bank accounts crowdfunding and cryptocurrency.

FDA executive officer sounds alarm on future COVID-19 policy

A new Project Veritas report has sparked serious concern about the Biden administration's potential future COVID-19 policy. In an undercover interview released on Tuesday, an FDA executive officer appears to admit Biden wants to "inoculate as many people as possible" and require yearly booster shots.

GOP senators call for an end to COVID-19 State of Emergency

GOP lawmakers are stressing it's time to move on from the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, a handful of senators, including Mike Lee (R-Utah), Roger Marshall (R-Kansas), Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), sent a letter to their colleagues urging them to not help Democrats push a continuing resolution to fund the federal government unless Democrats defund vaccine mandates.

Ambassador Bridge reopens, Ottawa Freedom Convoy protests expected to grow

The Ambassador Bridge is reopened Monday after police arrested dozens of protesters and towed trucks over the weekend. This comes as Freedom Convoy demonstrations are expected to grow in the nation's capital. One America's Sam Valk has more.

Trump addresses Freedom Convoy, Ukraine crisis

Donald Trump said the tensions between Russia and Ukraine as well as the U.S.'s involvement should have never happened. During an interview Saturday, the 45th president said he understands why GOP leaders are proposing a bill that would block U.S. military assistance to Ukraine until the U.S. southern border is secured.