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Candace Owens Mocks Biden: ‘To Be Healthy In Joe Biden’s America … Stay At Home, Lock Your Doors, Avoid Sunlight, Mask Your Children’

Speaking on Fox News with host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night, Candace Owens mocked President Biden, saying, “All you have to do it to be healthy in Joe Biden’s America is stay at home, lock your doors, avoid sunlight, mask your children.”

Carlson was speaking of the report in The Washington Free Beacon that the Biden administration allegedly wants to implement a $30 million grant program that would fund programs giving crack pipes to drug addicts as he prompted Owens, saying, “I guess they can tell you they love you, but if they’re encouraging you to smoke more crack, maybe they’re lying.”

“Well, I think it is pretty obvious the Biden Administration loves black America and loves America and cares about the health and well-being,” Owens responded sarcastically. “All you have to do it to be healthy in Joe Biden’s America is stay at home, lock your doors, avoid sunlight, mask your children. When you step outside, let it only be to get five vaccines and maybe do a smash and grab crime and then on your way back home, grab a government-sponsored crack pipe.”

“I don’t know why people think that Joe Biden doesn’t care about the lives of the average Americans and black Americans; it’s so clear by the way he is running things that he actually cares,” she said, mocking Biden. “You know, it’s ridiculous that this is going on; it’s sad to hear him explain how easy it is to get drugs, because we all know this is going on and they’re pretending that it’s not. They are actually mocking us for saying we are being dramatic in discussing how horrible the lives have gotten for the average Americans, especially those living in inner cities, as you touched on a couple weeks ago.”

“And [White House Press Secretary] Jen Psaki saying, oh, it is not happening, it’s just a Fox News conspiracy theory, anybody that’s telling you we don’t care about your health, they’re just conspiracy theorists, we are going to fact-check them and deplatform them,” she noted. “The bigger thing here is Joe Biden is not the mastermind of this plan. Joe Biden is not even a mind in this plan. He has no idea what is going on, someone points a direction and he goes, right?”

Sarah Lovenheim, an assistant secretary for public affairs for HHS, denied the Free Beacon report in a response to Senator Marco Rubio highlighting the claim.

“Blatant misinformation. The Harm Reduction grant is designed to help folks struggling with substance use stay healthy and safe, prevent overdose death. The grants must stick to federal, state, local laws or regs,” she said.

Patrick Hauf, who broke the story, responded by saying, “Again, I have yet to receive a response from the HHS on how my story is misinformation. The HHS confirmed to me last week that the ‘smoking kits’ they fund are used to smoke crack, meth, and ‘any illicit substance.’ This ‘misinformation’ push today is complete nonsense.”

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