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Ben Shapiro, Clarence Thomas, Others Pay Tribute To Andrew Breitbart Ten Years Since His Passing

Dozens of conservatives came together to pay tribute to the late Andrew Breitbart, a legend in conservative media, known for both his humor and joy and his willingness to fight.

Breitbart News released nearly two hours worth of video footage featuring dozens of conservatives speaking about Breitbart, marking ten years since his passing.

Daily Wire co-founder and editor emeritus Ben Shapiro, who was personally close and worked alongside Breitbart for years before his passing, was one of the many to offer his thoughts.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former President Donald Trump, Daily Wire host and author Candace Owens, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, former Vice President Mike Pence, journalist Megyn Kelly, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, former Governor Sarah Palin, and dozens of others were included in the video.

“I can’t believe that it’s been 10 years since Andrew passed away,” Shapiro opened his tribute video. “That day was one of the worst days of my life, like it was for a lot of people who knew Andrew.”

“Andrew was an unbelievable human being — I mean, forget about the impact that he had on the conservative movement; revitalizing it, reestablishing that at the center of the conservative movement is culture, that culture is upstream of politics — it was his energy his, vivaciousness, the fact that he brought everybody together,” Shapiro continued. “He was just a ball of joy.”

“Andrew was just a lot of fun, and he happened to be just an extraordinary fighter — somebody who was willing to get into the battles and punch and defend people he thought were worth defending, supremely loyal, a wonderful person in every way,” he said.

“I miss him pretty much every day,” Shapiro added. “He had a formative impact on me.”

“Frankly, I think that Daily Wire would not exist without Andrew Breitbart. I think a lot of us in the conservative movement wouldn’t be what we are without Andrew Breitbart.”


Daily Wire co-founder and co-CEO Jeremy Boreing credited Breitbart of giving the Right its “righteous indignation.”

“It was Andrew’s unique gift to make every person he met feel like an insider,” Boreing said. “He gave the right its righteous indignation, but we sometimes forget his other lesson — that we must be happy warriors. This is the only life we get. It’s our privilege to spend it fighting for what we believe. Enjoy it.”

“I first met Andrew Breitbart at Rush Limbaugh’s house,” Justice Thomas revealed in his tribute. “We chatted quite a bit, and he pointed out, or it made me aware that he started his career in journalism after witnessing my confirmation.”

“Needless to say, I was very, very humbled by that, and never forgotten it,” the justice added. “Both my wife Virginia and I are very, very appreciative of Andrew as … a friend, as a patriot, and personally.”

Daily Wire host Candace Owens praised Breitbart as “one of the greats.”

“He’s one of those larger than life figures, like Rush Limbaugh — these are the people that just saw it coming,” she said. “They saw exactly what was happening in culture. They saw the lies of the Left.”

“It’s sad to me that I never got to meet him,” Owens added.

The host noted that conservative media working to take back the culture and “fighting in a way that we haven’t fought before” is “Andrew Breitbart’s legacy.”

WATCH the full tribute from Breitbart News, below:

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