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‘Another Cringe-Worthy Night’: ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Flip Over Easy Clue That Got Missed

“Wheel of Fortune” viewers are ruthless when it comes to missed clues, especially for contestants solving puzzles that they deem way too easy According to The New York Post, that situation came up again Wednesday night when a player failed to correctly guess the clue, “renting a pedal boat.” 

When the letters T, E, and L were missing, one contestant asked if the answer was “renting a paddleboat.” But there weren’t enough spaces to fit that word. Once “T” and “E” got added, the puzzle was solved to include, “RENTING A PEDA_ BOAT.”

Fans got most frustrated when contestants thought the missing letter was “M” or “W,” which would make the last word “pedam” or “pedaw.”

After five excruciating guesses, they finally discovered the right answer was “pedal.” Twitter was inundated with annoyed reactions from viewers once again.

“Another cringe-worthy night on #WheelOfFortune!” one tweet said. 

“Where do they find these people to play Wheel of Fortune?” Barstool Sports asked publicly.

Another comment said, “What is with #WheelOfFortune lately?? Again!!” 

“What is in the water(s) over at Wheel of Fortune?” someone else agreed.

This was the second time in recent memory that “Wheel of Fortune” contestants missed an easy clue. A clip from an episode earlier this month was dubbed, “The dumbest two minutes in Wheel of Fortune history.”

In that clip, the unsolved phrase read, “ANOTHER FEATHER  _N  YO_R  _A_.”

“Another feather in your hat,” contestant Laura Machado answered incorrectly for her first attempt.

Machado got another opportunity to solve the puzzle after fellow competitor Christopher Coleman incorrectly guessed the letter “G” and contestant Thomas Lipscomb landed on “bankrupt” after spinning the wheel.

“Another feather in your lap,” Laura guessed for her second try.

Next, Coleman guessed the letter “D” for his next turn while Thomas had a second bad spin when he landed on “Lose a turn.” 

Laura still didn’t get the answer even after she spun the wheel and correctly guessed the answer included the letter “P.” Instead of spinning again, Laura decided to try solving the puzzle even though she didn’t know the answer.

“Another feather in your map,” Laura submitted as her third guess.

The puzzle finally got solved after Thomas bought a letter “C,” which revealed the answer as “Another feather in your cap.”

Twitter users were also up in arms over this episode.

“#WheelofFortune looking for the feather in my lap? Nap? Map? Rap? Sap? Gap?” one person sarcastically wrote.

“They should have ended this ‘Wheel of Fortune’ episode with no winner,” Clay Travis said.

Longtime show host Pat Sajak defended the contestants, saying it’s extremely stressful trying to solve the puzzles live on TV and people may miss clues that seem easy to armchair experts.

“It always pains me when nice people come on our show to play a game and win some money and maybe fulfill a lifelong dream, and are then subject to online ridicule when they make a mistake or something goes awry,” Sajak said.

“Last night’s ‘Feather in your cap’ puzzle was a case in point. Sitting at home, it seems incredible that they couldn’t solve it, but I knew in real time what was happening.”

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