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Woman Behind ‘Libs Of TikTok’ Tells Her Story In New Interview

The anonymous woman behind “Libs of TikTok” — a social media empire built on exposing progressive TikTok content to the general public — explained her work in a new interview.

Content shared by Libs of TikTok features the worst of leftism — for example, a college professor arguing for acceptance of pedophilia and an English teacher pressing students to pledge their allegiance to a gay pride banner. The account also features bizarre left-wing guilt lectures and degenerate behavior increasingly seen in American cities.

Though the account has achieved notoriety among conservatives on social media, the woman who runs Libs of TikTok told the New York Post that she quit her full-time job to run the project — yet “does not do this for money or fame.”

“I’m not some politician or blue-check journalist,” she said. “And people feel like they have someone they can talk to when they have no one else to ask to help them spread it.”

“With me, they have a place to reach out to to get the message out,” she added. “I feel like there are so many small stories that are so important that aren’t getting out — and that’s what I’m here for. It sometimes feels like a mini Project Veritas.”

She also told the Post that left-leaning people often quietly pay attention to Libs of TikTok. “I think a lot of people in the middle follow me, and probably a lot of liberals and Democrats.”

Though she is often the subject of vitriol, she feels compassion for those who fill her account and direct messages with insults. “I’ve been called a ‘Nazi,’ ‘white supremacist,’ ‘grifter,’ ‘liar,’ ” she recounted. “I’m not offended — I think these people are so broken. The people on the left who all day call people Nazis and white supremacists are so broken. All the left-wing media are brainwashing people.”

Nevertheless, her content has indeed changed minds.

“People have said, ‘Your videos opened my eyes to what’s going on’ or ‘Your videos have convinced me to run for school board,’” she said. “I think I’ve gotten a few [messages] that said, ‘I used to be on the left’ … The left has taken over all the schools and universities — and turned out all these people now who are so confused about their identity, and they’re teachers now. We need to stop this cycle.”

TikTok — owned by Beijing-based technology company ByteDance — drove more internet traffic than Google in 2021. The platform is especially popular among children and teenagers, who constitute the plurality of the site’s user base. Among American youth, TikTok is now more popular than Instagram and Snapchat.

However, a report published by The Daily Mail last year indicates that content posted by transgender influencers has been seen by millions of young viewers. Videos tagged with “#Trans” have been viewed more than 26 billion times. The outlet also noted that TikTok is locking arms with Stonewall — an LGBTQ organization in the United States — to promote the material.

“We are honoured that the LGBTQ+ community has embraced TikTok from our very early days, as a platform for self-expression, education, community-building and joy,” A spokesman for TikTok told The Daily Mail. A spokesman for Stonewall added: “Our content allows young LGBTQ+ people to know that they are not alone in their experiences.”

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