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‘Please Sanction The Hell Out Of Flamin’ Hot Doritos’: Critics Blast Doritos Over Super Bowl Commercial

While many look forward to Super Bowl Sunday because they enjoy football or love watching the halftime show, there is a whole other subset of the American population that tunes in just to check out the new commercials.

During Sunday’s game, one of the ads that created the most buzz was a one-minute spot for Flamin’ Hot Doritos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. It featured a black woman observing the local wildlife through binoculars from her perch on the branch of a tree — when she accidentally dropped two open bags of snacks onto the forest floor.

The snacks scattered as the open bags hit the ground, and the noise quickly attracted a nearby sloth, a deer, a bear, and a series of other animals — some of whom proceeded to eat the snacks while beatboxing and singing to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.” (A barely visible note at the bottom of the screen read, “Do not feed to animals.”)

The woman attempted to retrieve the snacks, only to be rebuffed by the sloth. “Nope!” it said, moving with surprising speed back to its perch in a nearby tree and taking the bag of Doritos along.


Quite a few viewers appeared to enjoy the spot — like meteorologist Danielle Dozier, who said, “OK, the @Doritos @ChesterCheetah commercial with the animals is my favorite so far. Did you see how fast that sloth moved?”

“Flaming Hot Doritos ad is the best so far. Love the beatboxing animals,” photojournalist Diane Lewis agreed.

Others were critical of the ad, arguing that despite the warning, it could inspire people to unintentionally give animals something that could cause them harm.

“Don’t feed Doritos to animals, says spot that shows animals eating Doritos. Ugh,” tweeted former New York Times reporter Stuart Elliott.

Arizona-based sports reporter Kellan Olson added, “Please do not feed animals Doritos or put VR headsets on them.”

“Doritos: Our snack food gives animals psychotic fits,” Phillip Michaels tweeted, adding, “But… uh.. it’s probably OK for humans to eat.”

“Please for god’s sake do not feed wild animals Doritos or anything else,” reporter Rick Gregg said.

Alana Campos added, “What a terrible @Doritos commercial. Like giving highly processed foods to animals was cool. 🙄 DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS.”

“‘All of those animals would NOT live in the same forest, by the way.’ THANK YOU, biologist husband,” traffic reporter Jen DeSalvo said, including a facepalm emoji.

“@POTUS please sanction the hell out of flamin hot Doritos for what they all just put us through,” Brett Kollmann begged.

There were several other standout commercials that got people talking during Sunday’s broadcast as well.

One from Toyota:

One from Budweiser:

One from Hellman’s mayonnaise:

And a crypto commercial featuring Larry David:

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