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Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer Will Not Face Criminal Charges After Sexual Assault Allegations

Los Angeles County District attorney’s office announced Tuesday that Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will not face criminal charges stemming from sexual assault allegations. 

“After a thorough review of all the available evidence including the civil restraining order proceedings, witness statements and the physical evidence — the People are unable to prove the relevant charges beyond a reasonable doubt,” the district attorney’s office said. “Those charges were assault by means likely to cause great bodily harm, sodomy of a sleeping person and domestic violence.”

In June, a woman filed a domestic violence restraining order against the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner, accusing him of sexual assault. In a video posted to YouTube, Bauer detailed his side of the story following the DA’s announcement. 

“She chose to stay the night, both times, and left the following day without any incident or concern,” Bauer said. “And when she left, she certainly did not look anything like the photos that were later attached to her family court declaration and circulated by her lawyers to the media. While this is not the time, nor the place, to address every single lie or falsehood that this woman or her lawyers made to the court, I do want to be crystal clear about a few things: I never punched this woman in the face. I never punched her in the vagina. I never scratched her face. I never had anal sex with her, or sodomized her in any way. I never assaulted her in any way at any time. And while we did have consensual rough sex, the disturbing acts and conduct that she described simply did not occur.”

Bauer was accused of assaulting the woman on two separate occasions. According to The Athletic, the woman alleges that during two sexual encounters, Bauer punched her in the face, vagina, and buttocks, and strangled her until she was unconscious multiple times. 

During the second encounter with Bauer, the woman reportedly suffered two black eyes, bloodied swollen lips, and bruising and scratching to one side of her face. 

“I agreed to have consensual sex; however, I did not agree or consent to what he did next,” the woman said. “I did not agree to be sexually assaulted.”

Bauer denied the allegations, claiming that the sexual encounters were consensual and that the woman “repeatedly asked for ‘rough’ sexual encounters.” 

Bauer and the woman met on Instagram and, after exchanging messages, the woman says she drove from San Diego to Los Angeles to meet Bauer. During the first encounter, the woman alleges the two had consensual sex, but she lost consciousness after Bauer wrapped her hair around her neck, choking her. 

“I woke up face down on the bed, disoriented. I began realizing that he was having sex with me in my anus, which I never communicated that I wanted, nor did I consent,” the woman said according to The Athletic. 

According to the report, the two met again on May 15, 2021 where they had a second sexual encounter. The woman claims that Bauer again choked her until she lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, Bauer was punching her in the head. 

“This was the first punch I felt but it is very possible that Trevor had already been punching and scratching the right side of my face while I was unconscious,” the woman said. “Trevor then punched me hard with a closed fist to the left side of my jaw, the left side of my head, and both cheekbones. I remember this vividly and it was extremely startling and painful. I was absolutely frozen and terrified. I could not speak or move. After punching me several times, he then flipped me back onto my stomach and began choking me with hair. I lost consciousness again.”

Bauer was placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball in July, and Bauer did not appear in a game for the remainder of the season. According to the Los Angeles Times, Major League Baseball can still suspend Bauer should they choose. 

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