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CAUGHT: Teachers Union Leader Goes Maskless While Group Backs K-12 Mandates

Last updated on February 15, 2022

A man who serves on the California Teachers Association (CTA) Board of Directors, a group that has backed COVID-19 mask mandates in schools, is being criticized after getting caught without a face covering at a recent Los Angeles Rams football game.

Jesse Aguilar, a board of directors member representing educators in six counties, was exposed for going maskless to the Rams NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers last month. The picture of Aguilar surfaced Monday and was posted by the LA Parent Union, an anti-COVID mandate in schools group.

“This California Teachers Association Board of Directors Member, Jesse Aguilar, isn’t interested in a ‘cautious’ approach for adults, only our kids. This is Jesse Aguilar. He went to NFC championship game with 70k strangers — he is #DoneWithCovid but his Union wants kids masked,” the union posted Monday.

The same picture posted on Facebook from January 31 confirms it is Aguilar depicted. The LA Parent Union posted the image above a statement by the California Teachers Association agreeing with statewide restrictions in K-12 schools.

“We support the administration’s decision to pause and gather more information to make a science-based decision on school masking that responds to this moment in the pandemic and helps the state transition with an eye on equity,” the statement by union President E. Toby Boyd said, in addition to: “We know that masking, strong testing programs and having good school ventilation systems in place have been key to ensuring the stability of in-person teaching and learning.”

Health officials in California announced on Monday that the state would be sustaining mask mandates in K-12 schools, even though the indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people ends on Tuesday. Still, Gov. Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti went maskless at the January 30 Rams game.

The governor defended his decision to not mask up in a press conference shortly after being photographed, claiming, “I was very judicious yesterday, very judicious, and you’ll see the photo that I did take, where Magic was kind enough, generous enough to ask me for a photograph, and in my left hand is the mask and I took the photo” as well as, “The rest of the time I wore it, as we all should, [except] when I had a glass of water, or anything, and I encourage everybody else to do so. And that’s it.”

Many prominent individuals were caught without a mask during the Super Bowl, despite some posting pictures on social media prior to advocating for people to wear face coverings. Among those who were caught once again without a mask, at the Super Bowl, was Garcetti. He was pictured standing in a group close with others.

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