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Bill Maher Responds To Whoopi Goldberg’s Anti-Semitic Remark About The Holocaust

Comedian Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” responded on Friday night to Whoopi Goldberg’s anti-Semitic remark on ABC’s “The View” at the start of the week about the Holocaust, saying that while she says stupid things, she should not be canceled.

“I want to talk about Whoopi Goldberg because I got so many texts this week because she attacked me the week before,” Maher said. “So she was, everybody was like, ‘Oh Bill, I bet you’re enjoying the karma.’ First of all, I’m going to talk about this at the end of my show next week, teaser, but there is no f***ing thing as karma, okay? Get over that. Whoopi attacks me on a regular basis, she says stupid s**t on a regular basis, it just happened to coincide.”

“Can I just say this? I had on last week Ira Glasser, former longtime head of the ACLU, talking about free speech,” she continued. “Whoopi Goldberg who by the way, I hope is still a friend, we can disagree with each other, should not be canceled or put off her show as much as I totally disagree with her crazy statement. Free speech, she should be there, she shouldn’t get a timeout.”

Speaking on the Holocaust on Monday, Goldberg falsely claimed, “If we’re going to do this, let’s be truthful about it because the Holocaust isn’t about race.”

“No. It’s not about race,” Goldberg falsely claimed. “It’s not about race. It’s not about race. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man. That’s what it’s about.”

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro responded to Goldberg in a lengthy Twitter thread, writing: “Whoopi Goldberg explaining that the Holocaust wasn’t about race because these were ‘two groups of white people’ isn’t just insipid, it’s insidious. It’s downplaying the minority status of Jews in order to uphold bullshit intersectional arguments that justify anti-Semitism today.”

“The intersectional argument is that Jews are white people, and that Jews are disproportionately successful thanks to ‘white supremacy.’ Because racism is ‘animus plus power,’ and Jews are powerful because they are white, anti-Semitism from non-white supremacists isn’t bigotry,” Shapiro continued. “This logic is why the Left will condemn anti-Semitic attacks like the one at the Tree of Life but quickly memory hole anti-Semitic attacks by Black Hebrew Israelites in NJ or radical Muslims in TX.”

“This logic is also why the Left will embrace and/or justify radical Islamists who wish to destroy the State of Israel rather than siding with a liberal democracy that includes a significant Muslim minority,” he continued. “Anti-Semitism, in this theory, is only present when it springs from actual white supremacists. Other acts of anti-Semitism are just a reflection of the dispossessed lashing out against those who have more institutional power.”

“The attempt to abstract the causes of the Holocaust from Jew-hatred to ‘man’s inhumanity to man’ is actually a way of obscuring and covering for anti-Semitism,” Shapiro concluded.

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