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‘And Just Like That’ Goes Full Woke With ‘They-Mitzvah’ And Trans Rabbi In The Finale

There was no chance that the “Sex and the City” reboot could be anything but woke. Even back in 1998 when the HBO comedy premiered, it pushed to be as progressive as possible, though many details are considered highly offensive by today’s standards.

The “SATC” reboot “And Just Like That” premiered in 2021 which meant there had to be at least one LGBT-focused storyline included to make it culturally relevant. Writers did the series one better and included two: first, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) leaves her husband Steve to pursue a relationship with the self-described “queer non-binary Mexican-Irish diva” podcaster Che Diaz (Sarah Ramirez). Next, Charlotte York Goldenblatt’s (Kristin Davis) daughter Rose (Alexa Swinton) decides she isn’t a girl anymore.

It became obvious early in the season that Rose’s storyline was heading in that direction. First, Charlotte’s daughter said she doesn’t “feel like a girl,” then Charlotte awkwardly finds out that everyone at school has been calling the child “Rock” instead of “Rose.” 

Charlotte turns to her gay best friend Anthony for advice. Surprisingly, he advocates ignoring Rose/Rock and letting her figure it out with minimal supervision and zero hormone blockers. The trans kid angle takes a backseat to other drama until the zany series finale, which was lackluster except for an over-the-top attempt to make a trans-questioning child feel accepted.

Charlotte converted to Judaism to marry her husband, Harry Goldenblatt, and the family has been raising their children Jewish as well. Since Rose is 13, the family had been planning a Bat Mitzvah, which is a milestone event in their faith. However, due to Rose’s questioning and adoption of they/them pronouns, the Goldenblatts decide to host a “They-Mitzvah” as a nod to the child’s gender fluidity. 

The whole thing gets exponentially more outlandish as the episode continues. The Goldenblatts supply rainbow-themed kippahs and decorations for the party. They also hire the transgender Rabbi Jen (played by real-life Jewish transgender performer Hari Nef) after saying several others “quit.” 

“Who better to lead a they-mitzvah than a trans rabbi?” Charlotte excitedly shares. “It’s bashert (destiny)!”

The event is held in a ballroom rather than in a synagogue. Despite the child’s parents going above and beyond to accommodate Rock/Rose, eventually she refuses to participate in the mitzvah. 

“I’m not doing it. I don’t believe in it,” Rose tells her parents. “I don’t want to be labeled as anything. Not as a girl. Or a boy. Or Nonbinary. A Jew. A Christian. Muslim. Or even…a New Yorker!”

This last admission appears to be the most shocking of all for her parents.

Charlotte first laments that she’s “failed as a mom” and as a Jew. But then in her typical glass half full way, she decides to make the best of the bad situation.

“This is not over!” Charlotte tells her family. “There are 300 people, 130 challahs, a rainbow chai and a trans rabbi. I did not come all this way and do all this work to have it end like this. Someone is going out there and getting they mitzvahed, today!”

Instead of Rose, Charlotte completes the prayers in front of gathered guests with trans Rabbi Jen leading the way. The whole event is celebrated as joyous and exciting while Rose suffers no consequences for behaving like a spoiled brat.

There’s a good chance “And Just Like That” will be renewed for season 2, meaning we’ve only seen the beginning of Rose’s story. 

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