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Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Set Shooting Recreated In Eerie Animation

While actor Alec Baldwin has moved on the from the on-set shooting that left a cinematographer dead, investigators are continuing to probe the incident and the victim’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

In support of their lawsuit against Baldwin and others involved in the filming of the “Rust” movie in Sante Fe, New Mexico, lawyers for the family of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins have released a video animation of what happened when Baldwin pulled the trigger.

“The digitally rendered clip is almost 10 minutes long. It breaks down a series of allegations in the lawsuit claiming Baldwin and other people involved with the movie failed to meet at least 15 industry standards for safe weapons handling – including failing to treat the gun at all times as if it were loaded,” Fox News reported.

In the clip, a narrator says, “The morning that Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed, tensions among the crew and cast regarding safety on the ‘Rust’ set had boiled over.” The video then shows “text messages between an upset cameraman who quit the film and the movie’s unit production manager scroll across the screen,” Fox reported.

“The video also shows a graphic reenactment of the moment Baldwin inadvertently fired a bullet that tore through Hutchins,” Fox wrote, adding that it “includes a breakdown of how to properly identify a dummy round and the mechanics of firing a single-action revolver.”

A search warrant released after the October shooting said the live round that was fired by Baldwin on the set, which killed the film’s cinematographer and wounded an assistant director, may have been left accidentally in the gun from a previous film production.

“New Mexico investigators revealed the developments in the case as they sought permission to search PDQ Arm & Prop, LLC — an ammunition store in an Albuquerque strip mall that supplied the ill-fated Western with props, according to documents shared with The Post by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office,” the New York Post reported in December. “The warrant also said the weapon could have been supplied by a man identified only as ‘Billy Ray.’”

According to the warrant, investigators searched a prop truck after learning there was “additional ammunition collected of which some are suspect live ammunition.” PDQ Arm & Prop’s Seth Kenney told police the ammunition included “dummy rounds and blanks.”

A week after the fatal shooting, Baldwin retweeted an article by The New York Times. “Before he handed a revolver that he had declared ‘cold’ to Alec Baldwin on the set of the film ‘Rust,’ Dave Halls, an assistant director, told a detective he should have inspected each round in each chamber, according to an affidavit. But he did not,” read the original tweet.

In their lawsuit, the family says Baldwin was named because he is “inseparable” from the shooting, Rachel Fiset, managing partner of an L.A.-based law firm, told Fox News Digital.

“Alec Baldwin is inseparable from this incident on the set of ‘Rust.’ Not only was he the shooter and the closest association with the ‘cause’ of her ‘wrongful death,’ but he is also a big-name producer,” Fiset, who is not involved in the case, explained. “In those roles, it is almost inescapable that any negligence or recklessness shown on the set will be tied to him — if not legally, then professionally and reputationally.”

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